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Remanufactured Laptops by Circular Computing

Because IT shouldn’t cost the Earth.

The benefits from just 30 Circular Computing laptops are:

Plants 150 Trees Removes 18 tons of CO2eq Creates Employment
Supports Community Projects:
Bees for Trees” &
No Problem Cooking Stoves

Prevents up to 15.3 tons of materials waste & 5.7 Million litres of water being consumed.

The CO2 prevented from the production of 30 new laptops is 10 tons, the same as 4 hot air balloons !

Zero Carbon Footprint

We plant 5 trees for every laptop sold, making your laptop carbon neutral and empowering local communities in reforestation projects

The Mission

Circular Computing’s mission is to create a more sustainable IT industry with remanufactured not refurbished laptops, which means they are fully disassembled, upgraded and reassembled, before being sprayed and processed to a new cosmetic condition. All with a three-year warranty for your peace of mind. Not only pro-longing the life of the laptop, but affording customers enterprise grade IT – otherwise out of some budgets.

5 Trees

Circular Computing commit to planting five trees for every laptop you purchase. Over the course of the lifetime of the trees, sufficient CO2 will be sequestered to compensate the emissions associated with the remanufacture of the computer at least three times over helping mitigate climate change. Additionally, the caretaking of the forest locally (in India and Zambia) creates generational income for otherwise vulnerable villages and societies – restoring soils and cooling the earth along the way.

Why Circular Computing?

  • Enterprise grade performance models from leading brands.
  • Comprehensive inventory and a 20,000 unit per month current capacity.
  • Carbon Neutral Sustainable Computing: We plant 5 Trees for every computer which helps to create sustainable communities and reduce climate change.
  • A new battery & SSD drive are included with every laptop as standard.
  • Supplied with a new Microsoft operating system and license.
  • 3 Year advance replacement warranty – offering peace of mind.
  • A guaranteed buy back price after 3 years in order that products can re-join the Circular process.
  • Circular Computing products are supplied by your existing reseller.
  • World class fully complaint purpose built production facility that is ISO9001, ISO14001,BS8887-211, EICC & OHSAS 18001 accredited.

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