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Powerful Microsoft 365 Analytics and Reporting

Administrative Oversight

AdminDroid is a leading Office 365 solution provider whose objective is to build IT products that are highly user-friendly and discerning solutions. The flagship product AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter tool provides more than 600+ Office 365 statistics reports and auditing reports with features like report customization, scheduling, dashboards, etc.

Office 365 Insights and Analytics

  • Bird’s eye view of your Office 365 environment. It included statistics of users, licenses, groups, mailboxes, sites, etc.
  • Save money by efficiently utilizing the purchased office 365 licenses.
  • Dedicated dashboards for Users, Groups, License, Security, Mail Traffic, Spam & Malware Trend.
  • Easily dig deeper into provided insights.

Office 365 Advanced Usage Analytics

  • Easily measure how various O365 services are used and adopted across department, city, country, job title etc.
  • Monitor adoption trend, plan training and report your management with meaningful insights.
  • 360-degree visibility of activities and usage across all O365 applications in a single place.
  • Discover usage trends, activity trends, daily login trends and document sharing activities.
  • Keep informed about how much activities are occurring, which users are active, what are the top activities, failed activities, etc


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